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Hidden Complexities In Simple Things

Things always look simple when they are working. When our electric piano broke down last month, we were at a lost. We have gotten so used to it coming alive at the flip of a switch, that we got angry… Continue Reading →

Father To Son

Bohemian Rhapsody (The Movie) is coming to cinemas here in October and friends have been talking about it to the point that I had to check it out myself. I honestly know very little about the band Queen, other than… Continue Reading →

No School Today

My three year old skipped school today because of a cold. He had been on an excursion with his class yesterday and must have caught a virus or something. Happy to be at home, he slithers into my study room… Continue Reading →

Learn to Fly

I had a dream today as I took a mid-day nap after a sleepless night of work. In the dream, I was attending a drama class that I never enrolled taught by Samuel L Jackson (yea, Nick Fury himself )…. Continue Reading →

Hard Times

Everyone faces hardships in their lives. On the up side, there are others who are definitely going through something worse. On the down side, that knowledge absolutely does not help alleviate any of the suffering you experience. All you can… Continue Reading →

Cookies For Good Behaviour

I’m a father of a three-year-old and the three-year-old does not want to go to school today. It is the second week of pre-school, but a bout of fever broke the regularity of going to school and now a three-year-old… Continue Reading →

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