My Top 5 3D Print of 2016

3D Printing has been called a gimmick and fad recently but personally, 3D Printing has never been more exciting and practical in 2016. While I’ve printed a lot of gimmicky items like Pokemons just to see what my printers can do, there are a few 3D printed things that are actually being used regularly. These are the top 5 practical 3D prints that I have done in 2016:

5. Print Spool

When you get a new 3D Printer, the very first item that most will print is a filament spool holder. This is the most urgent and practical thing to print because most 3D Printers do not come with a useful spool holder.

4. Ikea Samla Lid Clips

To store my 3D Filament ( and everything else at home ) I used a lot of IKEA Samla boxes. To lock the boxes, you need to buy Samla clips that are sold separately for $1. IKEA recently ran out on these clips and have not replenished their stock for a long time. Having waited for over 3 months, I have gone ahead and printed my own Samla clips that I found on Thingiverse. The clips were a good fit and I have since printed out sets for every box that I have, which is a lot.

3. Headphone Table Mount

I bought a headphone recently for my PC gaming. I needed a hanger for my headphones but realised these hangers can be quite expensive. A quick search found me this headphone hanger that looks amazing and simply works. At first the size did not fit the thickness of my table, but all i had to do was resize the STL file in my slicer and perfection.

2. Watering Spout

My wife started gardening in 2016 and to water the plants, she will have to fill the watering can from our kitchen and bring it outside to water the plants as there are no taps there. To make it more convenient, we found this watering sprout that fits on top of a 1.5 litre bottle. With this, she would fill it with water once a week, and leave the bottle where its convenient to water the plants.

1. Mini Shelf Bracket for my Miniature Paint Rack

My favourite 3D Print is no other than the mini shelf bracket that I designed myself. To create the paint rack in the photo, I tried looking for brackets that are small and found none for sale. I finally decided to design my own brackets using Sketchup and this has been used to display my paints in my printing station.

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