Tribute to Old Master Q & Creator

Old Master Q was a Hong Kong comic strip created by Alfonso Wong in the 60s that got serialised and distributed throughout South-East Asia. When I was still in primary school in the 70s, I remember how I used to save up to buy Old Master Q comics from the neighbourhood bookshops that sold them. The comics were black and white and so cheap I did not sacrifice much to afford them. The drawing were pretty good for a comic strip but what got me hooked was the kind of slap-stick hong kong style comedy that made fun of everything old and new in a fast changing world.

During the 80s, technology was advancing like a tropical storm that swept through everything from computers to colour television. Movies like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica have just transformed the Sci-Fi movie genre and we were undeservedly indulged with films like E.T. , Tron and , To keep up with the times, Old Master Q also released an animated movie call 山T老夫子 which is a rip-off of E.T. and included 80s arcades and a lone alien in the story. I remembered watching the movie in the cinema (and till they take this down, now on youtube as well)

When you think of entertainment that come out of Hong Kong, its easy to stereotype and think its always about Kung Fu and Martial Arts. Old Master Q was an old gem that took the western style of comic, mix it with Japanese Manga, and made it into something totally original and unique. The stories were always about the small guys who had to struggle their way through life with a sense of humour and mischief that made it so easy to identify with.

Mr. Alfonso Wong passed away on 1st Jan at the age of 93. Thank you Mr. Alfonso Wong for creating something that have entertained and taught me many ways to laugh at life and everything that the world threw our way.


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