Having just seen Rogue One – A Star Wars Story and being totally blown away by how good it was, I had to find something to make that is Star Wars related. I managed to find a beautiful 3D model of a U-Wing on Thingiverse  and decided to start up my Flashforge Dreamer and print it with some spare filament a friend gave me.

The U-Wing, or UT-60D Starfighter / Support Craft made by Incom Corporation (same company that made the X-Wing) was the spaceship that transported Rebel Officer Cassian Andor, his reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO, and Jyn Erso to Jedha. The rebels switched to a stolen Imperial shuttle later in the movie when they had to infiltrate the planet Scarif, and the U-Wing was used to transport Rebel troops to attack the outpost. None of the U-Wing must have survived as they made no further appearances in Star Wars Ep 4-6 .

The U-Wing has a swing wing design but the model I found only had the swept forward configuration. Nevertheless, it looked like a great model and without reading the instructions, I started printing. To reduce the amount of support needed, I used a vertical orientation for the model.

The 3D Model turned out to have some flaws in the form of missing surfaces which resulted in some missing parts like the guns and panels. Using a tip from a comment on Thingiverse, I had to check the “Merge all outlines into a single solid behaviour” checkbox in the Simplify3D Slicer to repair the model. The bottom ship in the photo below is the second print after repairs.

Despite the flaws in the 3D Model, the ship printed out great. This is the setting I used on Simplify3D

  • 1.75mm PLA Filament (Unknown Source)
  • Layer Height: 0.15mm
  • Raft Layers: 3
  • Infill: 20%
  • Support: 4mm (to print bed only)
  • Temp: 200 deg

After a few days, I’d decided to give the U-wing a paint job. I  prepared the plastic ship with a coat of Mr Hobby primer first. 3D printed plastic does not allow paint to stick well to it. Primer fixes that and makes it easier to see the tiny details on the model for the painting.

I painted the ship with some of my Citadel acrylic paints. I used Astronomican grey as a base and added some blue, yellow and darker grey to match the paint scheme of the U-wing in Rogue One. I didn’t really spend too much time on the painting, just enough to make it recognisable.

I’m pretty happy with the painted U-Wing, at least till the official release is made available. I’ve grown up with the Star Wars franchise since the 70s, and have bought many merchandise and toys. I have never thought that I would be 3D printing one myself in the future, today.