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Bible Study

The Book Of Samuel – Elkanah, A Man In Love

Elkanah was Hannah’s husband and he loved her greatly. He loved Hannah so much that he always gave her a double portion to offer to the Lord every year, despite her failure to produce any children for him. He loved… Continue Reading →

The Book of Samuel – The Environment

Chronologically, the Book of Samuel begins immediately where the Book of Judges ends. It was an evil time and Israel just had a civil war between all the tribes and Benjamin. As a result, Israel as a whole was weak,… Continue Reading →

The Book of Samuel – A Study of the People, Places & Events

The two books of Samuel was originally just one book in the Hebrew Bible. It was divided into two books in the Greek version of the Bible, the Septuagint.  Despite its name, the Book of Samuel is not about the… Continue Reading →

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